Sponsor us

The co-op is a place where we can grow together and build an even stronger and more connected community through fair food.

While we are aiming to grow our co-op through memberships and sales, we are also very open to forming partnerships with  individuals or businesses who share our values and would like to invest in our exciting venture.

By contributing $1000 or more you would become an official sponsor of the co-op. Your business would be promoted through our website, social media and in store. We offer other benefits too:

  • Servicing you with a business account
  • Selling your produce
  • Conducting workshops for your staff
  • Partnering with us on workshops for our members
  • Doing joint videos you can share on social media.

For more information, please email us at marketing@dungogwholefoodcoop.org.au or call Tara King on 0419 447 706.


Our founding sponsors

The following businesses are the founding sponsors of our co-op and have made contributions of $1000 or more to help us get going. We will be eternally grateful for their support, generosity and belief in our vision. Thank you!

Friends of the Co-op

Local businesses, community organisations & individuals who have generously offered us in kind support that has been vital during the process of the establishment of the Co-op. We look forward to giving back to our partners through a variety of initiatives that will be up and running after we open.


Dungog Local
Growers' Stall

Verity Keniger

Janice Atkin
Web Design