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How the Co-op works

The Dungog Wholefood Co-operative is owned and operated by its members. They have a say in how the business is run, and are encouraged to engage actively with the co-op by shopping there, volunteering and attending AGMs and other events. A group of dedicated and hard-working members work voluntarily to ensure the co-op runs smoothly and prices as low as possible. Most of our products are wholefoods and arrive at the co-op in bulk. This also helps to make them affordable as well as cutting down on plastic packaging. A bonus is members can purchase the exact amount they are after, no matter how much or how little. In addition to being volunteer run and stocked with bulk foods, the co-op offers its members a 10% discount on all products. Volunteers receive an extra 5% discount off their shopping after working a 2 hour shift and an extra 10% discount if it’s a 4 hour shift (discount valid for a fortnight after shift is completed).

We put local first and build relationships with producers in our area. Some are certified organic, others use a combination of different regenerative and ethically responsible methods suited to their land and situation. Buying local provides a host of benefits such as low food miles, boosts our local economy, creates jobs and means being more connected to the people (and animals) who produce our food. We want to provide a diversity of fruit and vegetables so we supplement what’s not being grown here with seasonal produce from further afield. This produce is always Australian and always organic. Basically if it’s not from here, it needs to tick some other  boxes (relating to ethics/sustainability) for us to sell it in the shop.

Step 1

If you are shopping for bulk items you will need to weigh your containers and bags on the scales. You can bring your own or use the paper bags or donated jars provided. Write the weight on the containers using the pens provided. Now, you’re ready to shop!

Step 2

Explore our product range of:
  • bulk rice, flour, pulses, grains, oats and muesli
  • loose leaf teas, herbs and spices
  • fresh chemical free and organic fruit and vegetables
  • farm fresh eggs and dairy products
  • locally made preserves like sauerkraut and kombucha
  • freshly baked bread
  • sustainable personal care and cleaning products 

Step 3

When you’re finished, take your items to the counter and one of our friendly volunteers will process them through the till. If you are a member you’ll receive a 10% discount on the retail price of our products. Make that 15% or 20% if you’ve clocked up some volunteer hours in the last fortnight! You will need to bring your own Boomerang Bags, basket or box, however we will endeavour to stock some in store just in case you forget.